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A Short List of Some of the World Best Games

Looking for world best games to play and make the most of your time then we can be of immense help to you as we are bringing to you a short list of some of the world best games which are mainly from the shooting game genre.

Below we will introduce you to few of the best shooting games which are not only highly popular but also offer you a rich experience of game playing.

Dead Effect 2

Dead Effect 2 is a highly popular shooting game which has gone on to win the hearts of several players around the world. Therefore, if shooting games interest you we suggest that you play this game. Let’s see what this game has to offer you. It seems that this game has a lot to offer you when it comes to features like gun options as it offers you a large variety of guns to collect. Furthermore, it also provides you with the option to upgrade the guns you have collected.

Similarly, the game also offers you the option to upgrade your character as you have several bad guys to counter in this game. Players who have played this game suggest that this game offers a far more rich experience than most of the shooting games out there are capable of.

Therefore, if you are also on the outlook for a shooting game which has the potential to offer a rich gaming experience then Dead Effect 2 is just the game to play.

World Best Games

Dead Trigger 2

It seems that Dead Trigger 2 is a shooting game which comes with a very unique storyline. So what is it about the game which renders it so different from the rest of the games of its genre? Well! Let us tell you it is a zombie shooter game in which you get the opportunity to shoot zombies.

The game has all the features to keep you interest intact in the game. You have as many as 37 weapons in the game to collect besides having the option to upgrade these. You also have as many as more than 600 missions to play which challenge you to the core. However, this game also has another feature which can be referred to as a unique one as it gives you the opportunity to earn the game currency. However, you will have to participate in the tournaments of the games to earn this currency.

Similarly, if you are the one who is turned off by below average graphics and control mechanics then this game will certainly not let you down with its amazing graphics and control mechanics and that too in a game which is a touch screen game.


These are a few of the world best games which are of the shooting game genre. Therefore, if you are ready for the ride of your life we suggest that you play these games right away and have fun.

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